Thats Kicks Lindy Hop - Preview

In this video we  not only breakdown the choreography, but also we explain our choices of the steps and ideas behind the music. Learning with us, you going to work on your fast dancing, search for your own style and get some inspiration for your future choreographies.

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Thats Kicks Lindy Hop reviews:

Loads of fun

Rated 0 out of 5
2022 June 27

First of all, we had loads of fun with this one! It was the first time we had approached choreography in such a way and not only were we not disappointed, but we had a blast! Video and explanation quality are through the roof (the dancing, too, of course) which made it incredibly easy to follow. The time stamps on the video player itself were extremely useful as there were a lot of times where we needed to review stuff. Another blessing are the insights into how the choreo came into being and why certain choices were made when coming up with certain movements. This made it especially easy to get a vibe of the whole thing and understand the ideas behind it better. Certainly, moving like Tadas and Pamela is pretty much impossible for mere mortals like us, but we tried our best and we would try again anytime!

- Federico Puma and Katharina Weber

The impossible made possible

Rated 0 out of 5
2022 April 4

After two years of pandemic with no partner dancing what so ever, my partner and I decided to get back into dancing by taking this class. When we first looked at the routine, it seemed impossible to achieve for two people who hadn’t been practicing in so long. However, since the class is recorded, we were able to take it slow and learn each phrase on a separate day. The fact that the class is devided into chapters really helps to catch up where we left off and also to go back and review the parts we need to go over again. Tadas and Pamela break down the sequence in bits, and what seemed impossible at first turns out to be completely achievable! The practice with slower and then faster tempo also helped me as a student to take it at my own pace. I really recommend this class for anyone who needs to work on their connection with a partner.

Gabriela Novellino


Rated 0 out of 5
2021 October 8

Not gonna lie, @merrymarydancer and I STRUGGLED to get this one at first. It’s uptempo, full of movements that were new to me, and trying to get the limbs of my 5’5” body anywhere close to resembling @vasiliauskastadas was a CHALLENGE but such a fun one!

Tadas and Pamela broke down the routine in a 70-minute video with handy dandy chapter marks for any time we wanted to practice on repeat or skip forwards/back by section (which was… many times). One thing I really appreciated was how they didn’t just teach the moves, they also dove into history, talked about the music and how it informed their choreography decisions, and even included styling and improvisation challenges to help foster the spirit of individuality, improvisation, and community that defines Lindy Hop.

It took Mary and I two practice sessions, each about 90m-2h long 😰, to get nice and comfortable with the base routine, and there’s still so much more we could try! MAN does it feel good, though!

10/10 highly recommend.

Nick Cruickshank (@NickSwingsOut)

Loving these online courses!

Rated 0 out of 5
2021 September 29

Loving these choreos, we always learn new things and feel the choreography flows really nicely. It’s very well explained and I like that sometimes you have two choices of music, one easier and one more challenging. Thanks for making the courses so fun and enjoyable!

Alice Mackenzie and Harvey Byrne