Jive At Five - Preview

We got inspired by one of the very classic swing songs – Jive At Five and made a short choreography with several main steps of authentic jazz, so you would learn the basics, but also catch the feeling and musicality which we believe is essential while learning how to dance. It will be explained in a detailed way how to do steps and how those steps are connected to the chosen song so that dancing choreography feels entertaining, natural and comfortable. 

This class is dedicated to beginners and in it you are going to learn:

  • short choreography/sequence;
  • bunch of authentic jazz steps;
  • how to start improvising;
  • some history of jazz dance.

Chapter buttons

We created chapter buttons so you can navigate through the different parts of the video easier.

Speed buttons

You can change the speed of the video in the settings panel if you need at any point.

Jive at Five reviews:


Rated 0 out of 5
2022 June 27

Tadas and Pamela’s videos are produced very professionally. The platform was easy to use and the video chapter marks helped us a lot to go through the routines again and again! We especially liked that the classes taught us challenging and advanced moves 🙂


What a fun and challenging class

Rated 0 out of 5
2022 June 26

Techniques are broken down very clearly, making it easy to follow along. I loved that they gave me the options for styling or variating. They encourage and SHOW how to explore my own dancing which is pretty awesome!


So much fun 🙌 - do it!

Rated 0 out of 5
2021 September 30

I purchased the Jive at Five Dance and it is so much fun! Pamela and Tadas are wonderful teachers and they explain every move in detail. And: you can´t get it wrong. You can go back and forth in the tutorial video, just at your own pace. I love it and highly recommend it to everybody who loves jazz or swing music. I am looking forward to the next dance classes.