EVERYBODY Solo or Couple - Preview

Here we are sharing a choreography breakdown which was one of our quarantine practice products! It was a cold winter day, everything was closed, we were at the studio exchanging steps on an uplifting song by our friends The Schwings band.  And bam we had a short sequence – we  filmed it , shared it and the requests of a breakdown became the most popular message we received. 

In this video you will find our stories , many rhythms,  also you gonna stomp a lot so warn your neighbours! 

It’s a good challenge if you just started dancing jazz and a really fun practice if you have more experience.

PS: Even if you see us dancing in a couple on the second half , no worries we also made a solo version of it, so you alone or together with someone – we GOT YOU!

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EVERYBODY reviews:


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2022 June 27

I really like that there are two you in the video, it’s really good to see one of you from the front and the other one from the back, especially for the online class, where you always have to think a mirrored. and also you can see different styles of execution, love your inputs on variations and last but not least your way of teaching.


I absolutely love it!

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2022 June 27

Amazing experience. We’ve been taking Pamela & Tadas’s online classes for months, absolutely love it! The classes were well-organized and easy to follow. We’ve got so much inspiration from them. =) Thanks for providing the online classes so that we can learn from you during this pandemic. The teachers always demonstrate the moves from different angles and make it easier to understand. The class material is unique and full of ideas. The teachers are in high spirits, we always got energized from the strong enthusiasm and passion they shared. Once again, I absolutely love it!