Lindy hop workshop
for dance partners

September 24th-25th Club Vilnius, Lithuania

8 hours of dancing

100€ per person
200€ per couple

Things you need to know

  • This weekend is dedicated for dance couples who practice together, prepare for competitions or performances and are eager to work intensively to improve their Lindy Hop skills.
  • We won’t change partners during the classes.
  • Only one person from the couple needs to register.

  • There are only 15 spots available for this workshop.





Classes will be prepared according to the participants needs and experience shared in the registration form.

Practice session will be your personal time to work on the material of your choice, we will be there to assist and help you out.

Discussion – time to wind down, rest our legs and talk about topics we care.

Just so you know

Facebook group: after the registration you will receive a link to join a group, where you can find roommates, make travel plans and so on. Also we will be able to share important information and help you out more efficiently. 

Accommodation: There is a cozy and affordable hotel just above the dance studio where you will be dancing all weekend. You can check it here: .

There are many lindyhoppers living in Vilnius, if you prefer staying at someone’s place let us know, we will help you out.

Lunch: for those who would like to have lunch at the dance studio, you’ll be able to choose a meal in advance from a menu, and the food will be delivered just after the class.